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Special education needs

What are Special Educational Needs?

Many children will have special educational needs of some kind at some time during their education. Schools and other organisations can help most children overcome the barriers their difficulties present luickly and easily. But a few children will need extra help for some or all of their time in school. Children make progress at different rates and have different ways in which they learn best. Teachers take account of this by looking carefully at how they organise their lessons, the classroom, the books and materials they give to each child and the way they teach.

What is a SENCo?

The SENCo is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator for the school. Their role is to co-ordinate the educational provision for pupils with additional needs.

At Cutnall Green Primary School the SENCO is Mrs E Rowe. Working together with your child’s teachers will often help to sort out worries and problems. The closer you work with your child’s teachers, the more successful any help for your child can be.

What is a statutory assessment?

The final stage in the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) system is to apply for a statutory assessment (often referred to as a ‘ECHP’). A statutory assessment is only necessary where the school or early education setting wish the local authority to consider support in addition to that already provided by the school.

When parents, the early education setting or the school ask the Local Authority to carry out a statutory assessment, the LA normally have six weeks to decide whether to do so.

They will consider very carefully your child’s progress at school and the guidance from the SEN Code of Practice written by the Department for Education.

They will also listen to your views and to the views of your child’s school about your child’s special educational needs. The school will tell the LA about any special help they have already given to your child.

What happens if my child goes on the Special Educational Needs Register?

The school will tell you when they first start giving extra or different help for your child because your child has special educational needs.

The extra or different help could be a different way of teaching certain things, some help from an extra adult, perhaps in a small group, or use of particular equipment like a computer or a desk with a sloping top.

This type of help is called SEN support and they will be listed on the special educational needs register (list) for the school.

The final stage of help is when the school and parents apply for an Educational Heath and Care Plan to support learning throughout the child’s education 0-19.

Outside agencies that help support the school

At Cutnall Green Primary School the SENCo is Mrs E Rowe. Sometimes the SENCo may ask for help from other people outside the school. Our external advisor services are:-

Educational Psychologist

Speech and Language therapist

School Nurse

Early Intervention Family Support


YOU know your child better than anyone else.


For details of Cutnall Green's Local SEND Offer, please click here

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