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A typical day at Cutnall Green EYFS unit

Find out what our EYFS unit gets up to in a day!

 Welcome
 Self-registration
 Time to talk on the carpet
 Activity time
 Tidy up
 Snack and milk
 Outside play
 Phonics
 Singing
 Lunch
 Snooze time
 Activities
 Snack and milk
 Tidy up
 Story time
 Home time

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do the children separate into rooms when I drop off and pick up?

We are lucky enough to have two bases in the EYFS unit now, the children start their morning in this secure familiar environment to say hello and self registrate and then they move during the day.

How do I know my child gets the learning appropriate for their age and stage in the EYFS?

The EYFS team is led by a qualified teacher and the learning is planned for and matched closely to the EYFS curriculum. The learning is then assessed using Interactive Learning Diary and next steps are planned continuing the cycle again. (If you have not got an ILD log on please see a member of staff).

How do I know which room my child should be in?

The children are grouped according to age, stage and friendship groups, when the EYFS staff feel that your child is developmentally ready to focus further they will approach you and suggest small transitions at certain times (ie for phonics) this will be extended as and when needed on a 1:1 basis.

Do the children have access to both rooms and what is learning through play?

During the day they have access to both rooms and the outside area. The children take part in physical activities and Forest School. The preferred teaching style in the EYFS curriculum is learning through play and then the EYFS staff intervene to move the learning forwards. Small group work such as phonics, Literacy, Mathematics etc also takes place during the day.

What is snooze time and why is it appropriate to EYFS children?

Snooze time or carpet time is a quiet time after lunch when the children take part in activities such as reading with an adult/ on their own/ or listening to relaxing music. The younger children can place their head on a cushion (should this be needed) this is a transition point between lunch and afternoon activities. It is appropriate because it targets the PSED strand of the EYFS; ensuring children are able to manage feelings and behavior.

When can I change my child’s book, can you change it daily?

Every morning the books are available for you to take a new one and sign it out at your leisure. Otherwise books are changed weekly by a member of EYFS staff.

Why provide an extra snack in the afternoon?

We provide a snack for the first session but if your child is staying all day we ask you to provide the second snack.

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