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Young voices

On Thursday 6th January 2017 a special event was taking place.

It was Young Voices! All the Year 3 and 4s from Cutnall Green First School got to have lunch early ready for the concert. We all got a special torch to go with our t-shirts which we couldn’t resist turning on! We waved at the cars and a man in a lorry winked at us! Finally someone screeched, “WE’RE HERE!” and indeed we were! Miss Hill led us to our block of seats where we saw our singing teacher, Miss Evans.

David Lawrence, our conductor, taught us how to sing, dance and move to the songs. He was lots of fun! We met the celebrities including an Irish man on the guitar and a lady who taught us a body parts song. Of course everyone’s favourite was the BEATBOXING CHAMPIONS! Finally, the practices came to an end. It’s tea time!

As we were about to finish our practice the grown-ups started to fill the room. Then it went dark, all you could see was torches lighting the darkness. We started our songs but when the pop music turned on everyone started doing the air guitar. I thought that the grown-ups thought we were crazy! Then the light show started, it was amazing, there was pink, blue, white, yellow and purple lights everywhere. When the performance stopped everyone went home. On the way back everyone was silent- we got off the bus at half past 10.

Article by Lily Noone and Isla Fishwick in Year 4

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